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About PBME

Partners Biomedical Engineering (PBME) is comprised of the Departments of Biomedical Engineering at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH) and also serves the biomedical engineering needs at Dana Farber Cancer Institute (DFCI).

Our Mission
In partnership with clinicians, researchers and other engineering groups, Partners Biomedical Engineering ensures that technology is used appropriately and safely, performs properly and is managed cost-effectively. It is our goal that no patient is harmed by the application of a medical device within our Partners’ sphere of influence. We strive to improve and develop devices and instrumentation for healthcare delivery and for innovative medical and scientific research and to assist others at Partners who are working toward the same objectives. We are committed to supporting quality and compassionate care to patients.

Our Staff
Most technical support personnel are organized as customer-focused teams of biomedical equipment technicians. Other groups and individuals provide support to the teams as well as directly to some customers.
  • Clinical Engineers at each hospital are available for special projects.
  • The Model Shop fabricates custom-designed devices for clinical and research purposes.
  • The administrative support team incorporates personnel from both institutions and works synergistically to provide administrative services, including Parts and Purchasing Services.
Our Function
Partners Biomedical Engineering manages medical equipment throughout its life cycle. We play a leadership role in managing technology by developing new devices and participating in or leading the process of re-engineering systems, using technology as the lever for obtaining efficiencies without sacrificing safety or quality. A key role, especially in the current environment, is to apply strategic thinking to technology acquisition and development. In addition to repairing, maintaining, and inspecting equipment, we provide a full spectrum of clinical engineering services including technology evaluation, installation, modification of existing systems, training, development of custom devices, solving technology problems, investigating device failures and recalls, and managing regulatory requirements.

Our Website
Our website is a portal through which we gain access to virtually all information-based resources that support our engineering and technical activities. We also provide a separate site for our customers to access information about the equipment that we service as well as other information about the department.

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This page was last updated on 9/7/2016