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Missing Equipment Letter

Missing Equipment Letter


I am writing to inform you that the equipment in the attached report is overdue for scheduled maintenance and cannot be located. Per the policy regarding missing equipment in the MGH Medical Equipment Management Program (Section EC, the status of this device will be changed from "Active" to "Missing" in the Biomedical Engineering equipment database. (The policy essentially states that equipment with a fixed location and defined user group can be classified as "missing" when it cannot be located following a thorough physical inspection of the area and inquiry to users regarding its whereabouts. The criteria for portable equipment is more stringent and requires a device to be missing for a period of one year after its due date for scheduled maintenance.)

The equipment in the report will not be scheduled for future inspections. If this equipment is located, PLEASE NOTIFY BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING TO SCHEDULE AN INSPECTION. For patient safety reasons, this device SHOULD NOT BE USED prior to the approval of Biomedical Engineering staff.

Thank you for your assistance and cooperation.

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This page was last updated on 9/8/2014