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New Employee Orientation Checklist

MGH New Employee Orientation Checklist

Employee Name: ____________________________
Supervisor: ____________________________
Start Date: ____________________________

Topic Date Completed Facilitator
New Employee Data submitted     Supervisor/Director

Getting Started
Office Setup     Administrative Assistant
Keys     Administrative Assistant
Computer/Passwords     Orientation
Security Access for ID Badges     Director
Set Up Outlook Training Course     Administrative Assistant
Add Employee to Dept Email List     Administrative Assistant
Add Employee to Dept Phone List     Administrative Assistant
Add Employee to web-based timesheet (MGH only)     Assistant Director
Add Employee to "Biomed-G"     Assistant Director
Copy of Job Description     Administrative Assistant
Pager     Administrative Assistant
Voicemail (if applicable)     Administrative Assistant
Administrative Supplies     Administrative Assistant
Locker     Team Leader
Workbench, tools     Team Leader
Database (install, if applicable)      

Tutorials/Inservices Once Equipment or Software Has Been Setup
Database Tutorial     Team Leader
Common Drives (including access)     Assistant Director
Ordering/Purchasing     DBA//Team Leaders
ONE-CALL     Administrative Assistants
Telephone     Administrative Assistants
Voice Mail (if applicable)     Administrative Assistants
Paging System     Administrative Assistants
Timesheets/Time Reporting     Administrative Assistants
Projects Database     Assistant Director
Safety Reporting     QA and Safety Program Manager
IRB     QA and Safety Program Manager
Patient Safety     QA and Safety Program Manager

Required Readings: (Self-Study, using Team Leader if needed)
TMS Training Tools      
MEMP     Found on PBME Website under Equipment Management >Policies and Procedures
Joint Commission Manual      
Department Policies and Procedures      
Admin. Policies and Procedures      
Hospital Safety Manual      

Tour Location Date Completed Tour Leader
Departmental Tour     Team Leader/Supervisor
Site Tour     Director
Surgical Support Tour (MGH)     Team Leader
COMP-ICU Tour (MGH)     Team Leader
OR Eng Tour (MGH)     Team Leader
IS/Systems Engineering     Systems Engineering Manager

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