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New Employee Welcome

New Employee Welcome

Welcome to the Department of Biomedical Engineering!

Hello! We are excited to have you join our team and look forward to a mutually rewarding relationship where we all work together to promote our mission of

Providing medical technology that enables cost-effective care and ensuring
that no patient is harmed by the application of a medical device.

Here is an Orientation Checklist to help you get started in the department. (Click printer friendly version to get a printable copy). Work together with your supervisor to review the elements and to schedule when the tasks get completed. Return the checklist to Janice Guglielmi (Office Manager), who will then put it into your employee file.

We are constantly trying to improve our processes, so we would love to get your feedback on this checklist so that the next person to use it can benefit from your learning. Feel free to jot down any changes and/or suggestions as you move through the checklist. These could include: wrong contact person, need to do this before that, forgot to include this item, would be better if . Return your suggestions to Janice, along with the checklist.

We are striving to be the best place for the best people to work. You are part of creating such an environment. We hope you continue to use the skills that you used to complete your orientation: learning what you don't know, questioning when something doesn't seem right, pointing out improvements that can be made, and spreading what you learned so that others may benefit.

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This page was last updated on 7/17/2006