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BWH Biomedical Engineering Job Action Sheet
Brigham and Women's Hospital                                                          LOGISTICS SECTION
Job Action Sheet                                                                                   Biomedical Engineering Unit Leader
                                                                                                                  Revised: 02/03


Position Assigned To:

You Report To:                           ______________________________
                                                                              (Logistics Section Chief)
Logistics Command Center:          _______________________________

Telephone:                                _______________________________

Mission: Maintain medical equipment in operable condition and assist in rearranging the distribution of medical equipment to meet emergent needs.
Immediate ____ Receive appointment from Logistics Section Chief.
____ Read this entire Job Action Sheet and review organizational chart.
____ Put on position identification vest.
____ Obtain briefing from Logistics Section Chief.
____ Establish communications with --Situation-Status Unit Leader and Emergency Treatment Area Supervisor to get an assessment of equipment needs related to clinical area activities.
____ Establish Biomedical Engineering Disaster Headquarters.
____ Establish communications with Biomedical Engineering staff.
____ Survey Biomedical Engineering staff availability.
____ Call in Biomedical Engineering staff as appropriate.
____ Survey equipment availability (see below for potential areas) and complete Equipment Availability Log*.
____ Notify sister institution (BWH 617-732-8889), to alert them to the disaster status in the event that extra assistance is required.
____ If necessary, establish videoconferencing communication with sister institution to facilitate quick communication.
Intermediate ____ Maintain medical equipment in operable condition.
____ If necessary, gather available medical equipment to prepare for redeployment.
____ Help distribute or redistribute medical equipment to meet emergent needs; document in the Equipment Movement Log*.
____ Deploy technical staff to support clinicians in the use of the medical equipment such as setting up the equipment, ensuring that appropriate cables and accessories are available, and training in general operation if required.
____ If phones become overloaded, deploy a technician to the Emergency Department, or any other area where assistance is required, to help as necessary and report back any developing requirements for medical equipment.
____ If necessary, arrange to borrow equipment from other institutions and manufacturers.
____ If necessary, arrange to rent medical equipment.
____ Continually brief the Logistics Section Chief with updates.
____ Stay in contact with Situation-Status Leader and Emergency Treatment Area Supervisor to obtain updates.
____ Make arrangements with Dietary for nourishment if needed.
____ Make arrangements with Environmental Services if accommodations/mattresses will be required for overnight stays.
Extended ____ Observe all staff, volunteers and patients for signs of stress and inappropriate behavior. Report concerns to Psychological Support Unit Leader. Provide for staff rest periods and relief.
____ Other concerns:

* Supplement to existing HEICS forms.

Potential Areas to Survey for Available Medical Equipment

  • Equipment Services
  • Biomedical Engineering Spares/Loaner Pool
  • Spare ICU Monitors
  • Operating Room/Induction Rooms
  • Empty Beds
  • PACU
  • Endoscopy
  • Radiology
  • Cath Lab

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