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CADD Solis Downstream Pressure Test

CADD Solis Downstream Pressure Test

Figure 1

  1. Connect RRA disposable, pressure gauge and pressure regulator per Figure 1 above using a 3-way stopcock.
  2. Attach disposable to pump.
  3. Turn pump on. Set DSO sensitivity to high. Set pump to prime.
  4. Start priming, and then slowly increase backpressure using the regulator (~ 1 psi per stroke of the pump).
  5. When the pump alarms, slowly release the pressure using the regulator, bleeding off approximately 1 PSI every 4 seconds until the alarm stops.
  6. When the alarm stops, record the pressure on the digital gauge as the DSO Pressure Threshold.

Pressure testing set-up.

Added to site: September, 2009
Source: Smiths Medical
Document owner: Marcie Devlin

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