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Ventilator Settings

Ventilator Settings
If you get a call for the ventilator not connecting to the Solar monitoring system and you have checked the Unity and/or Octanet and Cat 5 cables, the problem could be the baud rate on the vent. Check with the Respiratory Tech and have them check these settings below. The settings for these parameters must be changed as part of the SM testing procedure and it is possible that they may not be reset to their correct values.

For the Draeger model Evita 4

Baud rate 192000
Parity Even
Stop bit 1
Protocol Medbus

For the Nelcor Puritan Bennet model 8400

Baud rate 8400
Digital Communication DCI
Data bit 8
Parity none

Added to site: June, 2009
Source: PBME
Document owner: Michael Cusack

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