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Exergen Temporal Artery Thermometers Replacement Process

Exergen Temporal Artery Thermometers
Replacement Process

1. Exergen thermometers have a lifetime warranty. If a thermometer is broken, please call Customer Service at x 6-9144 to request a replacement thermometer for immediate patient use if necessary. Once it is delivered, please call Building and Grounds at x 6-2422 to install the thermometer on the headwall. The thermometer can be used before it is mounted on the headwall.

2. Keep the broken thermometer.

  • If it is during the week, please call Exergen Customer Service at 617-923-9900, x 6234 to report that you have a broken thermometer and are replacing it.
  • If it is during the weekend, please call 617-923-9900, x 6202 to report that you have a broken thermometer and are replacing it.
  • Any issues with Exergen Customer Service can also be emailed to Marybeth Pompei at

3. It is important that if there was a problem, that the company be notified for warranty reasons. The company will come to take the broken thermometer within 24-48 hours for investigation.

4. If the issue is with the cable, coil or wall mount, email Stan Orluk at or call him at 617-923-9900, x 6234.

5. If the unit loses a thermometer, the unit is responsible for replacing the thermometer themselves. The thermometer costs $247. It can be ordered from Exergen through Peoplesoft. If a unit requests a thermometer from Materials Management and is not able to provide a broken thermometer, the unit will be charged for the thermometer.

6. If you would like to order a thermometer on a roll stand, you can contact Exergen to place an order. The roll stand cost is $70, in addition to the cost of the thermometer ($247). This can also be entered into Peoplesoft.

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Source: Dan Kerls, Materials Management
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