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Procedure to load bed and full disclosure license on the CIC Pro

Procedure to load bed and full disclosure license on the CIC Pro

Tools and equipment needed:
•  CIC system with display
•  2 Network switches
•  2 CAT5 cables
•  Floppy diskette with bed and full disclosure licenses
•  NTFS formatted Jump drive / Flash memory/ USB hard drive

Formatting the Jump Drive and license copying

Use your personal computer to format USB drive to NTFS. Connect the thumb drive to your computer. Open “My Computer”. When the removable drive appears, right click on it. Select “Format”. A pop-up window will appear. Under the “File System” pull down menu, select “NTFS” and then click “Start” at the bottom of the pop-up window. The system will automatically format the drive into NTFS.

Copy the license files from floppy disks to the NTFS formatted jump drive. Full disclosure license and bed license will have the same file name. In order to avoid any confusion, create two folders in jump drive. Name them “Bed License” and “Full disclosure”. Insert the bed license diskette that will have a part number 419930-001 and copy all files into the “Bed license” folder of the jump drive. Repeat the same procedure for the full disclosure license diskette that will have a part number 419930-005 .

Note: If the part numbers are different then find the details in the shipping slip or the actual quotation for the equipment order.

Site preparation

Connect a port of one switch through CAT5 cable to the MC (Mission critical – Real time) Ethernet port of the CIC and the second switch to the IX (Information Exchange – Non-real time) Ethernet port of the CIC. If you have more than 1 central station, then connect them all in same way.

Adding bed licenses to the Central Station

  1. The central station will boot in the user mode. Stop the monitoring application by going into the DOS mode.
  2. Select Setup CIC > Service Password tab > type mms_com and press ENTER > In windows command prompt, type stop and then press Enter. Type exit and press Enter to close the windows command prompt.
  3. You need to logout and login as an administrator. Follow these steps to login as an administrator:
    Go to START > Shutdown > Change the pull down menu option to LOG OFF AS CIC > Click OK while holding down the left SHIFT key and select YES. Continue holding until the system prompted for the password.
  4. When prompted, type “ administrator ” for the user name and “ admin1,3,5,7 ” for the password and press ENTER .
  5. Open “My Computer ” (C drive of the CIC) and go to the directory Flexlm. Insert the jump drive and copy both license folders into the flexlm directory.
  6. Open Bin directory and double click fieldgen.exe. The license generator window will appear.
  7. Go back to flexlm directory and open bed license directory. Double click the “.txt” file. A notepad will appear with two lines as shown below:

  8. Copy first line from the notepad to “Site name (Case Sensitive)” and second line to “License Generator Key ”.

  9. Click Create to generate the license file. The Save As dialog box will appear.
  10. Browse to the location where you want to save the bed license file. You can save under C: > Flexlm > Bed license .
  11. Name the file as “ Bed_license_unitname ” and then click Save to create and save the license file.
  12. If the license file creation is successful, the Site Information Field displays the results containing the phrase " SUCCESS! License file created ". If an error message is displayed, either the site name or the license generator key is incorrect. Please recheck these values and start again.
  13. Click Close to close the license generator tool.
  14. Then open “ My Computer ” and open following directories: flexlm > Bin > double click flexadmin.exe file. When the first time this program will run, you will be prompted for the master file.
  15. The screen will show a pop-up window to point the correct license file. From pull down menu browse: C: > flexlm > Bed license > double click on the “Bed_license_unitname.dat” file. This is the file that you saved recently.
  16. When the master file will open for the first time, the similar License Management window will open as shown in the following figure:

  17. Select CIC_beds under Available Features .
  18. Click Define License Group. A similar window will appear as shown below:

  19. Under Available Devices , click the “ + ” box on the left of “ WORKGROUP ”. Select CIC_xxxxxxx and then click Add button.
  20. Under Add Features to Group , select cic_beds and then click Add to move the features and its associated count to the Group Features area of this window.
  21. Under Group Devices area, select CIC_xxxxxxx and click Server and then OK . This will set the “ CIC_xxxxxxx ” as a server. Note down the server CIC and update the AMM for future troubleshooting.
  22. From the Software Feature License Administration window, click Distribute license files. It will distribute the bed licenses to the server.

Adding Full disclosure license to the Central Station:

  1. Open My Computer > Flexlm > Bin > Double click “fieldgen.exe”.
  2. Repeat the same steps from 7 to 13, as described in Adding bed licenses to the central station, but instead of bed license directory, this time you will use the full disclosure directory to save the file. Master file for full disclosure can be save in this format: “full_disclosure_unitname”.
  3. Now from My Computer > Flexlm > Bin > double click “flexadmin.exe”.
  4. Click “Merge Feature Updates”.
  5. A pop-up window will appear for the master file license. Change directory to “C:\flexlm\Full disclosure”. Select the “full_disclosure_unitname.dat” file and click Open.
  6. Select “CIC_bed<xx> CIC_FD_aa<xx> ” under Currently Define Groups . The letters “xx” represents the number of licenses and “aa” represents the duration of full disclosure.
  7. Then Click Edit License Group . The Edit License Group window will appear.
  8. Expand the “ + ” box of WORKGROUP and highlight “ CIC_xxxxxxxx ” under Available Devices group. If you have more than one CIC, then select the one you already defined as a server.
  9. Click Server . It will make this CIC as a server to distribute the full disclosure license to the other CICs.
  10. Select CIC_FD_xx under Available Features . The letters “xx” represents the duration of full disclosure.
  11. Click Add and then click OK .
  12. Now click “ Distribute License Files ”. Check the status log for any error. Then click OK.
  13. Verify the system for bed license and full disclosure license by simulating the physiological parameters through patient monitor.

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