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GE Dash 3000/4000/5000 Monitor Scheduled Maintenance Procedure

GE Dash 3000/4000/5000 Monitor
Scheduled Maintenance Procedure

Recommended Schedule
Every 12 months for scheduled maintenance. For incoming inspections, inspections after major repairs, and software upgrades refer to the manufacturer’s service manuals for the full maintenance procedure.

Tools Needed
• Multifunction patient simulator
• NBP tubing, cuff and manometer
• Light meter
• Service manual

1.Visual Inspection

• Check case for cracks and other damage.
• Check cables for fraying and other damage.
• Inspect connectors for bent prongs and pins.
• Inspect network cable for broken locking tab.

2. Checkout Procedure

A. General Test
• Turn unit on and verify all front panel indicators illuminate for a second or two.
• Verify PWR-AC indicator stays illuminated.

• Within the service menu select CALIBRATE NBP and then CHECK CAL OFF (to turn CAL on) and START to calibrate.
• Pressure readings on the monitor and pressure gauge should be +/- 1 mmHg. See procedure and service manual for description of setup, pressure settings to test, and test procedure.
• If above is not equal, proceed to NBP CALIBRATION section within the service manual.

C. Speaker Checkout
• Verify operation of the speaker at all levels (return to original level when completed).

D. Electrical Safety
• Perform ground continuity test.
• Perform leakage current test.

E. Software Version
• Verify that the software version is at the correct level.

F. Defaults
• Verify that the defaults are correct according to the unit.

G. Network Check-out
• From MAIN MENU, select VIEW OTHER PATIENTS and then SELECT A BED TO VIEW and verify other beds are listed.

H. End-tidal CO2
• Refer to the manufacturer’s service manuals for the maintenance procedure.

I. Luminance Check
• Within the boot loader menu select VIDEO TEST and select the white screen.
• Using a light meter, measure the center and four corners on the display. If the measurement is below 110 LUX it is time to replace the backlight. (A new backlight reads up to 200 LUX.)

3. Lithium Battery Replacement

• Battery requires replacement every 6 years. Check work order history in AMM for date of last replacement and replace if indicated.

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