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GE Patient Data Server Troubleshooting

GE Patient Data Server
Quick Reference Guide

How to restart the PDS

The PDS can be restarted in one of two ways: by restarting the PDS applications, or by rebooting the server. Both need to be accessed in the PDS service mode. The PDS will come back online approximately 5-10 minutes following a restart. All alarm histories, graphic trends, and vital signs saved before the restart will be available following the restart.

Logging into PDS Service Menu

*Note all connections are Cat 5 cable
1. PDS server is connected to the real time switch via the Net 1MC port
2. PDS server is connected to the non-real time switch via the Net 0 IX port
3. Laptop is connected to the non-real time switch via the Ethernet port

Laptop Settings
1. Go into the Start menu
2. Select Settings
3. Select Network and Dial Up
4. Right click LAN
5. Select Properties
6. Select TCP/IP
7. Select Properties
8. Use the following
a. IP address
b. Subnet Mask
c. Default gateway leave blank
9. Click OK
10. Restart Laptop

Log into PDS Service Menu
1. Open internet explorer on the laptop
2. Type
3. Press enter
4. User Name: generic
5. Password: f1uv1us7

*Note: Never use the back button the browser. To view the previous menus use the menu links.


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