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GE Unity Procedure to Change IP Address

GE Unity Network ID Procedure to
Change IP Address to Connect to Solar

The Unity Network ID factory IP address is set to 126.x.x.x, which defaults communication to the Dash monitor. To allow communication to a Solar monitor, the IP address must be changed to 10.x.x.x.

Equipment/Software Needed:
  1. Laptop or PC with:
    • Windows 2000 or NT
    • RS232 port
    • HyperTerminal program (part of Windows)
  2. RS232 cable
Change IP Address:
  1. Connect the PC/laptop to the Unity Network ID via the RS232 cable. Note whether the computer port is COM1, COM2, or Serial.
  2. Connect the Unity Network ID to a power outlet.
  3. Run the HyperTerminal program (Try under Start\Programs\Accessories\Communication)
  4. Connection Description. Enter a name and choose an icon. Name and icon can be anything.
  5. Connect To: Select to the appropriate port (either COM1, COM2, or Serial).
  6. “Port” Properties:
    1. Bits per second: 9600
    2. Data bits: 8
    3. Parity: None
    4. Stop bits: 1
    5. Flow control: None
  7. Once the blank screen appears, hold down the lower case “b” key while cycling power to the Unity Network ID device. Wait for the flashover connection to complete and the “Boot Service Menu” to appear.
  8. Once the Boot Service Menu appears, select “Change Internet Address”.
  9. Program will prompt you to confirm the Change Internet Address option. Select “Yes”.
  10. Screen will display the current IP address (126.x.x.x) and allow the user to change that address. Change the first three digits to “010”. Only change the first three numbers. Enter the remainder of the address exactly as is depicted under the current IP address. (Note: Need to press ”Enter” after each 3-digit segment.)
  11. For example: Cur IP adr:
                       New IP adr:
  12. Verify the new IP address.

For more information see the Unity Network ID Service Manual under two sections: Installation\Configuration and Technical Information\HyperTerminal.

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This page was last updated on 3/9/2017