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Programming GE Transmitters

Programming and Troubleshooting a
GE Transmitter

Tools and equipment needed:
  • Transmitter
  • Test Station with ApexPro config software
  • Serial cable or USB to serial adapter.
  • Apex Programming device (This device should be connected to the serial cable at the test station)
Programming the transmitter:
  1. Connect the transmitter to the correct port of the Apex programming device.
  2. Open the Apex and ApexPro programming software. The program icon is located on the desktop of the test station. It is named as “Apex & ApexPro Tx Config”.
  3. A window will appear, as shown below:

  4. Select appropriate radio button in Transmitter group to program the transmitter. If you want to program CDT telemetry transmitter then select “ All Other Apex ” radio button.

  5. Leave the COM port radio button to its default location. Click OK . If you receive any message as shown below, try changing the COM port.

  6. The successful connection to the COM port will lead to a window, as shown below:

  7. By clicking OK, you will get the window with all the information from the transmitter. If you get the error message “ No Communication from the transmitter", try following these troubleshooting steps:

  8. • Check the connection between the Apex programming device and the transmitter.
    • Check that the serial adaptor is properly connected to the computer and the programming device.
    •  Check the batteries of the transmitter.

  9. Change the TTX number to the appropriate value. If you get any error message in the “Power-up self test status” group after programming the transmitter, then you need to reset/clear the memory of the transmitter.
Resetting the transmitter memory
  1. To reset the transmitter memory, click the red stop button at the right bottom of the screen as shown below:

  2. At the password window type “ mms_aps ” and press ENTER.

  3. In the “ Power-up Self Test Status ” group, click the “ Clear Failures ” button. It will reset the transmitter and will clear all the memory errors. Please make sure the correct TTX number that you want to set after the memory reset.

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