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Tram Module PM Procedure

Scheduled Maintenance Procedure

Recommended Schedule

Every 12 months for scheduled maintenance. For incoming inspections and inspections after major repairs, refer to the manufacturer's service manual for the full maintenance procedure.

Tools Needed
  • Monitor (Solar w/display and Tram Rac)
  • Multifunction Patient simulator
  • NBP tubing, cuff and manometer (digital or mercury)
  • Service Manual
I. Visual Inspection
  • Check case for cracks and other damage.
  • Check cables for fraying or other damage.
  • Inspect connectors for bent prongs or pins.
II. Checkout Procedure

A. General Test

  • Plug module into Tram Rac and verify power indicator LED on module is illuminated.


  • From within the service menu select CALIBRATE NBP and then CHECK CAL OFF (to turn CAL on) and START to calibrate.
  • Pressure readings on the monitor and manometer should be +/- 1mmHg. See procedure in service manual for description of set up, pressure settings to test, and test procedure.
  • If above isn't equal, proceed to NBP CALIBRATION section within the service manual.

C. Fan Checkout

  • Verify that the fan is running and is not loud.

D. Software Version

  • Verify that the software version is at the correct level.
E. Perform functional check on other parameters
  • Verify all other parameters are functional.

III. Lithium Battery Replacement

  • Battery requires replacement every 6 years. Check work order history in AMM for date of last replacement and replace if indicated.

PBME Equipment Management Committee Review: January 19, 2006
PBME Equipment Management Committee Approval: pending

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